Remote meetings made easier

Remote work is great. But when your team can be anywhere in the world, finding time to meet is a pain in the...

Not with ☀️ Noon. Noon is a mac and web app that shows you the local time for your team. So you can always find the best time to meet.

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Timezone math getting you down?

We’ve all been there. You’re working with someone in a different time zone. You want to set up a meeting, but how do you know what time makes sense? -“If it’s 5pm for me, and Michael’s in Scranton, what time is it for him?”

Or how do you know when the best time to chat with someone is? Or when to expect a response to your Slack?

Remote work is great. But it's not without its headaches. We shouldn't have to do maths every time we want to meet or chat with our teammates (who likes maths?)

Well, with Noon - you won't have to.

Simply add the people you work with to the app and you’ll always know what time it is for them right now.

Or slide to a different time for you, and you’ll instantly know what time it will be for them. No maths needed.

Noon is available as a mac or web app. Get it for free now:

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